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Placefirst and ESG

ESG and its importance

ESG has become a crucial strategy for companies as we recognise the role of companies and finance in addressing regional and global issues. ESG is important for:
- Growing investor and consumer expectations
- The mitigation of current and future risks i.e. climate, financial
- Current and emerging regulatory requirements
- Attraction and retention of staff
- Improved visibility and credibility


This covers any considerations and responsibilities we have in regard to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, extreme weather events, energy efficiency, water and material wastage.


This covers our commitment to diversity and inclusion, stakeholder engagement, staff health & wellbeing, human rights, employee development & retention.


This covers board compensation & diversity, risk management at organisational level, financial management, ownership and control.

What were doing

ESG and our social impact is a high priority for Placefirst. Some of our ESG policies are listed below:
- Digital first approach
- Sustainable materials sourced
- Modern methods of construction
- Focus on EPC B or above on all new sites
- Giving back to local communities in our development areas
- Excellent customer service and communication with our residents
- Work experience/placements
- Act as a responsible landlord

Placefirst design specification and sustainability:
- EPC B or above
- We follow the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide principles
- Fabric first approach to maximise thermal efficiency
- Photovoltaic panels
- Air source heat pumps
- Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
- Waste Water Heat Recovery
- Electric vehicle charging and resident car club