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Gell Street, Sheffield

Welcome to Gell Street

Gell Street is located in the heart of Sheffield city-centre with easy access to public transport and walking distance of local cafe´s, restaurants and bars. With a range of modern 2 bedroom apartments Gell Street is perfect for those looking to enjoy city-centre living.

Designed for living,
not for show

Renting from Placefirst is the stress-free way to have a great new home. It's yours for as long as you enjoy living there, and everything is taken care of for you.

Key facilities and features

Parking available
Parking available
Great location
Great location
Well connected
Well connected
Energy efficient
Energy efficient
Stay as long as you love
Community feel
Professional landlord
Professional landlord

Designed with modern renters in mind

Our homes at Gell Street have been carefully designed and built in house by our specialist teams. We have created a neighbourhood of modern, energy efficient homes with spacious layouts and high quality finishes, for our residents to enjoy and stay as long as they love.

Meet Mohamed & Suhaidy, your resident services managers

This busy team work together to support residents and have built strong relationships across the neighbourhood.

Our resident services managers are with you from first viewing of an available property, to checking in and showing you round on moving day, and is your point of contact to support you throughout your time in a Placefirst home.

Mohamed and Suhaidy

Energy efficient homes

Energy efficiency is a huge priority for us and for our residents. Having energy efficient homes not only improves the quality of the homes for the residents but also lowers energy consumption and lowers bills. This contributes towards the stress-free renting experience that Placefirst is known for.

EPC ratings - and how they benefit renters

We're focused on achieving high EPC ratings for our homes. There are real benefits to living in a home with a higher EPC rating, and the rating itself can help you understand how energy efficient your home will be.

The key thing to know is that the higher the EPC rating, the lower your energy bills will be. It also means that homes with a higher rating are able to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

Quality living.

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